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Like-minded organisations in pursuit of restraint-free services


The Restraint Reduction NetworkTM was created to bring together organisations who share a common commitment to improve outcomes for people who may be subjected to coercive or restrictive practices. The Network is in place to support organisations who wish to make meaningful changes to the services and support they offer, so that coercive or restrictive practices are minimised, and the misuse and abuse of restraint is prevented.

Pledging your support is voluntary, but organisations who choose to do so must make their pledge public, as well as clearly disclose both successes and areas of challenge that need to improve.

Those who pledge their support will be provided with the Restraint Reduction NetworkTM logo, and we urge them to include it in all their correspondence and public materials. Through presentation of the logo, the parties who use, deliver, commission and regulate services from any particular provider will know that the organisation is committed to best practices and continual improvement.

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