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Conference November 2019: Keynote Speakers

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Bruce Adamson
Bruce is a lawyer who has over 20 years of experience in children’s rights. A Member of the Children’s Panel for 13 years, he worked directly with vulnerable children and their families, listening to their experiences and making decisions about their safety and wellbeing. Mr Adamson has been on advisory boards for several public authorities and civil society organisations and is a former Chair of the Scottish Child Law Centre. While working for the Scottish Human Rights Commission, he was central to the development of law, policy and practice covering the broad spectrum of children’s rights.
Rob Assall-Marsden
Head of Inspection, Adult Social Care for Central East Midlands. Rob has been in this role for over five years, He has worked in regulation since 2005 and prior to this held roles in Local Authorities, He is a social worker and has previously worked in child protection and adult social care teams In his role he has oversight of the regulation of approximately 2,500 ASC registered services with CQC. He is responsible for the delivery of the inspection programme within his area and for overseeing regulatory risk to ensure the welfare and safety of people who use services. 
Elly Chapple
Elly spent her earlier career working in businesses. She has always been fascinated with human communication and studied this within her degree. In 2014, her eldest daughter’s life changed and Elly sold her business to come home and begin another journey. For five years Elly has developed a unique approach (thanks to her greatest teacher – Ella), to rebuild her daughter’s trust in the world and work towards healing her trauma. Elly employs and manages an ‘A Team’ of Intervenors and an ‘out of the box’ approach for education. She has shared #flipthenarrative at many events over the past 12 months is and learning daily from colleagues in the fields of SEND, trauma, education, health and social care.
  Dr Janice LeBel
Janice is a Board-Certified Psychologist with more than thirty-five years’ experience in the public sector working primarily in mental health but also with child welfare, juvenile justice, and intellectual and developmental disability populations. She oversees a statewide system of inpatient, secure care, and community-based residential services for children and adolescents. Dr. LeBel also leads the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health’s’ nationally-recognized Restraint/Seclusion Prevention Initiative and an Interagency Initiative with the same focus involving seven child-serving state agencies and the public and private special education schools in the state.

Petra Bjorne
Petra has worked in services for people with ID and autism for 30 years. She has a PhD in Cognitive Science from Lund University, and since 2008 works as a R&D Coordinator in the City of Malmö, Sweden. This means collaborating closely with staff and managers in bridging the gap between research and practice. This includes training staff, co-creating course material, based on research reviews, engaging in collaborative and translational research with staff as well as service users, and supporting organisational change.She currently leads a 3-year research project on community support for people with challenging behaviours.
Rebecca Fish
Rebecca has been doing research with people with learning disabilities since 1997. Her PhD study was an ethnography of locked wards for women with learning disabilities, and this has been published as a monograph. She has written articles about gender, disability, and restrictive practices as well as violence, self-harm, and harm minimisation. She also produces accessible online blogs about her research, which you can find on the Centre for Disability Research site (CeDR) at Lancaster University. She teaches on the subjects of gender and feminism, social care and disability studies.
Dr Jennifer Kilcoyne
Jennifer is the Clinical Director and Deputy Chief Clinical Information Officer for Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust. As Clinical Director for the Centre for Perfect Care, Jennifer is responsible for providing clinical leadership to services across the Trust to enable them to deliver ambitious quality improvement priorities. As Deputy Chief Clinical Information Officer for a Global Digital Exemplar she has worked to ensure the clinical and inclusion agenda are central to the digital strategy and innovative technology is applied to offer solutions to key mental health challenges.
  John Baker
John was appointed to Chair of Mental Health Nursing in 2015. John has a strong international reputation as both a leading Mental Health Nurse and researcher and has collaborated worldwide. John’s research focuses on coercion and restrictive practices, patient and professional safety in mental health services and effective and therapeutic mental healthcare. Each theme has attracted a portfolio of research funding and the findings have been disseminated widely back into clinical practice, policy and through his teaching. He is also a Non-Executive Director at Leeds and York Partnership Foundation Trust.