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COVID-19 support hub – Thursday lunchtime webinars

We are hosting a new series of six live webinars which will take place every Thursday, between 12pm and 1pm. The first one will take place on 21 May.

We are concerned in these challenging times the use of restrictive practices like physical restraint, medication, mechanical restraints and seclusion will increase. This series of webinars looks at supporting human rights and sharing good practices to ensure minimum use of restrictions.

Topics will include:

    • Support for carers and the people they are supportingHow can we best support everyone through this challenging time manage increases in traumatic responses and anxieties of both carers and people being cared for? How can we still be mindful and attentive when staffing levels are decreased or children and adults with complex needs are at home all the time. 

  • What can we learn from the way we have been supporting people through the COVID crisis that we could carry on using in the future to improve everyone quality of life – We have been doing things differently and finding new ways to work and support people. Some things have been working better and some have been difficult. In some ways it has given us new opportunities to understand and focus on individual needs.