Human Rights Day 2020

This human rights day we look to the future as we consider the ways in which our society needs to build back from the fall-out of the Covid-19 pandemic from a foundation of human rights.

Despite many health and social care reports and recommendations, people with complex needs are still falling through the gaps. We know, for example, that restraints in in-patient services increased during lock-down.

We’re calling for both individuals and organisations to join our movement by pledging how they will work to promote the elimination of unnecessary restrictive practices. 

This year the CQC published their review of restraint, segregation and seclusion. The review revealed a lot of what we already know; people should live in their own communities, feel safe and secure in their homes, and be supported by people and services that have their best interests at heart. People should be cherished and supported to thrive, and cared for properly when distressed.

Furthermore, we also know that most children and young people with disabilities have experienced restraint and over half have experienced seclusion in education settings, yet schools are under no legal obligation to record this data. This has become the focus of a new inquiry by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

These are just some areas of concern where we cannot yet be confident that human rights are being upheld, let alone be confident that people are supported to live fulfilling lives.

Our vision is a society which respects and protects the rights of all people. We are working to create a culture of respect for human rights across education, health and social care services so that services are safe, dignified and respect people’s autonomy and well-being, and reduce reliance on restrictive practices.

Whether you’re an individual advocate, professional, person with lived experience, family member, carer, or an organisation, we want to hear how you pledge to promote:

  1. the elimination of unnecessary restrictive practices,
  2. the upholding of human rights,
  3. support for people to live fulfilling lives.

We’ve already received over 470 brilliant pledges from individuals and organisations. Each pledge has the potential to make a huge difference to individual lives. Make your pledge here to join the movement.

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