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Individual Pledge

This pledge is for every individual who is passionate and proactive about reducing restrictive practices and would like to join a global movement. Even if the organisation you work with has taken the organisation pledge, we encourage you to take an individual pledge too.

Your pledge may be to raise awareness of the trauma caused by harmful restraint, and alternative positive and safe ways to work alongside people. You may pledge to learn more about alternative approaches, such as Positive Behaviour Support and Safewards, or you may decide to pledge to take training courses to increase your skills and gain new ideas to reduce restrictive practices. There’s loads that we can do together as a community which could make a big impact!

Once you have submitted your pledge, we will review it and let you know when it has been approved. Upon approval, you will receive a Restraint Reduction Network member logo™ and have access to all member benefits. Furthermore, you have the option to have your pledge published on the Restraint Reduction Network website, if you would like to. Membership is completely free.

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