Our new projects, and how you can get involved

The Restraint Reduction Network has been commissioned by NHS England, and are working on, two important projects that you can support, contribute to and share your good practice.

1. A framework for identifying and minimising blanket restrictions

We are developing a framework for identifying and minimising the use of blanket restrictions: we know the use of this kind of restriction is widespread, and yet it is not always recognised as a restrictive practice.    

If you want to contribute to this project and /or have any work to share around helping staff to identify these restrictions, or you are using any person centred approaches and have any case studies, please get in touch with us at RRN@bild.org.uk.

We are particularly keen to hear from services for children and young people and how they manage the use of blanket restrictions in child centered ways.  

2. A toolkit for post-incident support and learning

Secondly, we are working to develop a toolkit for good practice around post-incident support and learning (sometimes referred to as debriefing) after restrictive interventions have been applied. The toolkit will be for use in a range of services.

There is currently some confusion about what debriefing and its purpose is, so we are particularly interested to hear about any examples of good practice that separates the emotional support function from the learning function, and how that is managed:

  • for adults and children who have been subjected to a restrictive intervention;
  • for staff that have applied the restrictive intervention;  
  • in services for children and young people;
  • any models linked to trauma informed care;
  • in services for children and adults with limited verbal communication skills.

It will be an opportunity to promote your good practice nationally and share what you have learned (especially if have any data you would be willing to share).

If you are interested in getting involved or contributing to the consultation events, please let us know by emailing RRN@bild.org.uk.


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