Restraint Reduction Network launches new Psychological Restraint resource toolkit

The Restraint Reduction Network was commissioned by Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust to develop a new resource toolkit on Psychological Restraint. The toolkit aims to define and explain the phenomenon of psychological restraint and provide tools to support practitioners and professionals in their work.

The RRN defines Psychological Restraint as any kind of communication strategy that puts psychological pressure on a person to do something they don’t want to do or stop them from doing something they do want to do. Communication pressure becomes restraint when a person feels they have no choice but to comply.

Launched in July 2023, at a webinar attended by more than 400 people, Salli Midgely, Director of Nursing, Professions and Quality at Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust, was joined by Dr Tallyn Gray, Human Rights Officer at Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust and Alexis Quinn, RRN Manager, to introduce the new resources.

Alexis said: “People told us that repeated, low-level pressures exerted over a period can have the same effect as more obvious threats that gain compliance. Often staff do not realise that they are using psychological pressure and may be unaware when it becomes restrictive. The new resources aim to support discussion around communicative practices so that teams can examine how they might impact culture, one another and the people they support. We are very grateful for the contributions of staff and people with lived experience who coproduced to this work.”

The Toolkit includes guidance for frontline staff and senior and practice leaders, identifying practical ways services can alter their cultures and dynamics to support people to make their own decisions and experience greater autonomy.

Download the Toolkit resources now:

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