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Restraint Reduction Network

1Does your organisation support children or adults who present behavioural challenges?

Does your organisation authorise the use of coercive or restrictive practices as a way of managing the immediate or imminent risk of harm?

Is your organisation committed to reducing the use of coercive or restrictive practices; preventing the misuse and abuse of restraint; and improving outcomes for people who use services?

Each year, many people who need the support of education, health or social care services are subject to coercive or restrictive practices due to the nature of their behaviour and the risks of harm that may sometimes arise. However, despite a lack of evidence that coercive and restrictive practices achieve positive outcomes for service users or staff, the use of such approaches remain a reality. There is widespread concern that such approaches are not always used as a last resort, are misused or abused, and represent a potential breach of human rights particularly when used with those individual’s considered vulnerable and who cannot speak out independently about their experiences. Even when such approaches are used as an appropriate response to maintain safety in order to prevent immediate or imminent harm, it is accepted that the potential negative outcomes of such experiences in terms of physical and psychosocial trauma for all those involved can lead to fragmented therapeutic relationships and inequalities of care and support.

The Restraint Reduction NetworkTM is an independent network which brings together committed organisations providing education, health and social care services for people who may challenge.   The network has an ambitious vision to deliver restraint free care and support designed to make a real difference in the lives of people who use services and who may be subject to various forms of coercive or restrictive practices.

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In 2014 the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) joined with other key figures in the sector to establish the Restraint Reduction NetworkTM (RRN). The RRN operates independently of CPI in its aim to facilitate the spread of best practice and access to guidance on restraint reduction. The RRN aims to achieve full financial independence from CPI by the end of 2016.