RRN launches new qualifications for Reducing Restrictive Practice – sign up to access the Certificate-level now!

The Restraint Reduction Network (RRN) is pleased to offer two new qualifications, created to have a direct influence on the quality of people’s lives.
Both qualifications are a blend of self-directed learning, small group tutorials and workplace activities that will have a real impact within services.

The qualifications are human rights based and are built on the foundation of the six core strategies. They have been directly influenced by the experiences of people who have lived experience of restraint and other restrictive practices.

RRN is delighted to offer access to the Certificate now, with the Diploma becoming available in April 2022.

As part of their training, learners will examine the six core strategies of restraint reduction, enabling them to build a full understanding of what capable, least restrictive, person-centred environments are, why these environments are so important, and how to create them in ways that improve people’s lives.

Alexis Quinn, Restraint Reduction Network Manager / Coordinator, underlined the importance of these new qualifications: “We know many people are concerned about the use of restraint on vulnerable people, because it is traumatic, infringes on human rights and is not therapeutic. We are delighted to provide these qualifications, helping those who are committed to restraint reduction learn the skills they need to achieve their goals.”

The BTEC Level 4 certificate is available now spanning 180 learning hours. It carries 18 credits, and is estimated to take around six months to complete. Learners must complete three units to gain the Certificate – 1/ Principles of restrictive practice reduction, 2/ Providing capable environments and 3/ Developing a person-centred reduction plan.

Apply now

Click here to download the fillable application form. Please return your application form to qualifications@bild.org.uk. Please include your name in the title bar and which qualification you are applying for. Thank you!

For both qualifications, the closing date for applications is Friday, 27 May 2022, and the first cohort will start on the week beginning Monday 13 June 2022. Further details about the application process will be added in due course.

Please note this qualification does not include within it curriculum learning linked to technical skills to carry out any restrictive interventions or restraints and therefore it is not certified against the RRN Training Standards. The qualification is not an alternative or replacement for certified training, where required.

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