Survey shows impact of Covid-19 lockdown on use of restrictive practices

The Restraint Reduction Network has carried out a survey to discover if the Covid-19 lockdown has let to an increase in restrictive practices in health and social care services.
The Network also wanted to know if people thought it was harder to balance safety and the best interests of people because of infection control at this time. 
The survey showed almost 90% of respondents thought it had been harder to balance safety and best interests during the lockdown. Furthermore, just under one fifth of respondents reported there were times when they thought best interest decision making had been unnecessarily compromised by safety concerns.
70% of respondents thought it had been harder to maintain a culture of using less restrictive practices and promoting human rights.
However, there were many examples of good practice which people thought would be good to use in the future.
To find out more, you can download the main findings here
You can also watch a recorded webinar called ‘What can we learn from the way we have been supporting people through the Covid-19 crisis that we could carry on using in the future?’ This webinar is available here.


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