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RRN welcomes Northern Ireland Review of restraint and seclusion in educational settings

The Restraint Reduction Network (RRN) has welcomed the Department of Education for Northern Ireland’s report into a review of restraint and seclusion in educational settings.

The report, published this week, has made six recommendations for change which are intended to ensure a consistent child centred approach is taken across all educational settings.

The report has recommended that a legal article, which permits the use of force, restraint and seclusion to maintain good order and discipline in schools is repealed at the earliest legal opportunity.

Article 4 (1)(c) 0f the Education (NI) Order 1998, currently enables such force as is reasonable in the circumstances for the purpose of preventing a pupil from: “engaging in any behaviour prejudicial to the maintenance of good order and discipline at the school or among any of its pupils, whether that behaviour occurs during a teaching session or otherwise.”

Sarah Leitch, Director of Development at the RRN said: “We welcome this report and are delighted to see this recommendation from the Department of Education in Northern Ireland that this outdated legal article be repealed as soon as possible.

“The use of restraint and seclusion should never be used to ensure good order or discipline in a school or learning environment and is a clear breach of a child’s human rights. We hope action is taken quickly to ensure this recommendation becomes law.”

To access the Department of Education for Northern Ireland’s review and recommendations visit: