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Share your views – Consultation on V2 of the RRN Training Standards

Today, the Restraint Reduction Network (RRN) has launched a consultation on the development of version 2 of the Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards.

The RRN would like to invite organisations and individuals who have encountered the Training Standards to share their views on what might be included in version 2.

To share your views, please click here to complete the online survey

The survey will be open until 31 July 2022. We request that there should only be one response per organisation or training provider.

About the Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards

The Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards are a set of ethical training standards that protect human rights and support the minimisation of restrictive practices.

In 2022, the RRN Training Standards were independently evaluated by Manchester Metropolitan University in 2022. The report is available here.

The evaluation found that “the Standards were recognised as an important contributor towards a wider organisational cultural shift needed in the use of restrictive practices in mental health settings and beyond. This is about mobbing away from physical skills only training to a wider, person-centred, trauma informed care approach to training, with more emphasis on prevention and de-escalation.”

The evaluation was also helpful in suggesting areas to consider in v2 of the Training Standards.

This survey is the first stage in the consultation on V2 of the RRN Training Standards and there will be further consultations taking place over the next few months.