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Towards Safer Services

The Restraint Reduction Network (RRN) is delighted to publish this edition of Towards Safer Services. This will give services and organisations a quality assurance framework within which to plan and implement restraint reduction. These standards have been developed by a group of professionals and experts in the field.

These standards complement the RRN Training Standards (Ridley and Leitch, 2019) and the Mental Health Units (Use of Force) Act 2018 Statutory Guidance (DoH, 2021) and provide a framework that organisations can use to develop strategy and steer their mission to reduce the use of unnecessary restrictive practices. It will also support organisations and providers of training in restrictive interventions to work together on organisational restraint reduction plans.

The RRN is committed to developing accessible versions of these standards so that people with lived experience of services and families are clear about the standards they can expect from organisations who say they are committed to restraint reduction.

Version 2 of the RRN Training standards will be developed in 2022/2023 following the publication of an evaluation by Manchester Metropolitan University.

The authors of Towards Safer Services are committed to work with people with lived experience of restrictive practices to review and update the next version of these organisational standards.

Version 2 of Towards Safer Services will be published in 2023.

Download Towards Safer Services here