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Write for us

We would like to encourage members of the Restraint Reduction Network to submit guest blogs to share current thinking, examples of innovative good practice and personal experiences.

Topics you may like to write about could include, but is not limited to:

  • Your pledge to reduce restrictive practices (why have you chosen to commit to that particular action?)
  • An experience that sparked your commitment to reducing restrictive practices
  • Your experience of restrictive practices during the Covid-19 lock-down
  • How you personally promote human rights
  • How you think we can influence service cultures; what have you found that works ?
  • How you’re promoting human rights in your organisation
  • A review of and tools and resources or Restraint Reduction Network webinars
  • Your experience of implementing the Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards

Further guidance, a template, and instructions for submitting a blog can be found here>

We look forward to reading your entries!

You can view some examples of blog entries below:

“Together we can get through this difficult period”- My experience of life in lock-down


Amy recently moved back into the community after 11 years in inpatient mental health settings. In this blog post she writes about her experience of the Covid-19 lock-down. Read more here>

“This isn’t the time to give in” – My experience of the COVID-19 lock-down


Alexis Quinn, author of best-selling book ‘Unbroken’ which details her time spent in various Mental Institutions as an autistic person, writes about her experience of the Covid-19 lock-down and offers some advice. Read more here>

“I have been conditioned to sit and wait” – my experience of life in lock-down


John* spent nine years in psychiatric hospitals all around the country. He writes here about his experience of the Covid-19 lock-down . Read more here>

Team Beth – The Solution to Lock-down Blues


Jeremy, father to Beth, shares how Beth’s team is supporting her through the lock-down with activities, the right information and the right environment. Read more here>

Being Human Together: Coping with the Lived Experience of Fear During the Covid-19 Pandemic


Iris Benson MBE shares how she is coping with the Covid-19 lock-down and shares her lived experience of fear to help others in this time of uncertainty.