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Welcome to the Restraint Reduction Network

The Restraint Reduction Network is a registered charity (charity number 1187984) which brings together committed organisations providing education, health and social care services. The Network's Patron is Sir Norman Lamb.

The Network has an ambitious vision to reduce reliance on restrictive practices and make a real difference in the lives of people. We achieve this mission by sharing learning and developing quality standards and practical tools that support reduction.

The Network welcomes the increased focus on restraint reduction across the NHS and adult social care in the UK. The over-reliance on Restrictive Practices when supporting vulnerable people who become distressed is an ongoing and significant concern. In recent years, there have been a number of scandals associated with the abuse of such practices, as well as a number of deaths associated with physical restraint.

There is growing recognition among professional bodies and government departments (and arm’s length bodies) that whilst the use of any kind of restraint may on rare occasions be necessary to keep people safe, it is also traumatic and must be minimized in therapeutic settings.

There is a clear need for cross-sector collaboration to improve support for people in vulnerable situations, and ensure people’s human rights are respected and protected and are not subject to coercive or unnecessary restrictive practices.