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Like-minded organisations in pursuit of restraint-free services

About us

The over-reliance on the use of restrictive practices when supporting vulnerable people is an ongoing and significant concern. In recent years there have continued to be a number of scandals associated with the abuse of such practices as well as a number of deaths associated with physical restraint. There is a clear need for cross sector collaboration to reduce reliance on restrictive practices, improve support for people in vulnerable situations, and ensure people’s human rights are respected and protected.

The Restraint Reduction Network is a registered charity (charity number 1187984). Our work is overseen by our board of trustees.

Our vision

Our vision is for a society which respects and protects the rights of all people (staff and patients). We want to create a culture of respect for human rights across education, health and social care services so that services are safe, dignified and respect people’s autonomy and well-being, and reduce reliance on restrictive practices.

Our purpose

  • To reduce reliance on restrictive practices
  • To translate research into practice
  • To share learning and best practice
  • To develop guidance and quality standards
  • To improve training and develop workforce skills  
  • To facilitate culture change that promotes fundamental human rights and minimises degrading treatment 
  • To support organisations and services to reduce reliance on restrictive practices
  • To lead a global restraint reduction movement

Our scope

  • To reduce reliance on restrictive interventions including:
    • Physical
    • Environmental (seclusion/long term segregation)
    • Mechanical (for example cuffs/splints)
    • Chemical (for example PRN and routine chemical restraints)
    • Psycho-social (for example coercion/bullying) 
    • Other restrictive practices – includes a broader range of practices that also negatively impact on quality of life (for example  institutional models of care)
  • Across children and adult services
  • Across education, health, social care & forensic/youth justice services
  • Across mental health, autism, learning disability and dementia services
  • Across the UK (and beyond where appropriate)
  • To oversee the UKAS certification scheme of compliance with Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards and licence to CABs with logo™)

Our trustees

Our board of trustees has a balance of expertise across education, health, social care and lived experience – and also across all 4 nations in the UK. The board is Co-chaired and this reflects our commitment to partnership working between professionals and people with lived experience. 

  • Professor Joy Duxbury OBE (chair of steering group)
  • Dave Atkinson (RCN)
  • Beth Morrison (mother of Callum)
  • Aji Lewis (mother of Seni)
  • Adele Boyd (British Association of Social Workers – BASW)
  • Salli Midgley (NHS)
  • Ben Higgins (Bild)
  • David O’Brien (PHW, Co-chair)
  • Bengi O’Reilly (lived experience, Co-chair)
  • Dr Brodie Paterson (ENTMA)