About the Restraint Reduction Network

The Restraint Reduction Network (RRN) is a registered charity (1187984) with an ambitious vision to eliminate the unnecessary use of restrictive practices in health, social care and education.

Formed in 2014, we seek to create a culture of respect for human rights across health, social care and education services. We want services to be safe, dignified and respect people’s autonomy and wellbeing.

As a network of committed organisations and individuals, the RRN is working towards this mission by sharing learning, developing quality standards and practical tools to support restraint reduction, and by working across sectors to promote culture change.

Types of Restrictive Practice

Find out more about different types of restrictive practices.

6 Core Strategies

At the RRN, we champion Six Core Strategies to eliminate the unnecessary use of restraint and prevent toxic cultures.

Logo Usage

The Restraint Reduction Network logo is a trademark for RRN use only. You will see this on materials created by the RRN.