Logo Usage

There are a number of RRN logos used for different things. This page explains where you might see the logos and what they mean.

The RRN logo

The Restraint Reduction Network logo is a trademark for RRN use only. You will see this on materials created by the RRN.

RRN Member logos

We have two member logos: one for individuals and one for organisations. If you see these logos, it means the person or organisation using them is a member of the RRN.

Individual members are people who have made a specific pledge about how they will work to reduce the use of restrictive practices.

Organisational members are organisations who have committed to writing a restraint-reduction action plan based on the 6 core strategies.

RRN Member logos do not indicate endorsement by the RRN.

Other logos

Training services who have been certified as meeting the RRN Training Standards may use a specific logo indicating this. Please note the RRN does not issue these logos, nor can we confirm the certified status of providers.

For further information on certification or status of training providers, please visit bildact.org