Our Team

Our Patron

  • Sir Norman Lamb

Our Trustees

  • David O’Brien (co-chair)
  • Bengi O’Reilly (co-chair)
  • Professor Joy Duxbury
  • Dave Atkinson
  • Aji Lewis
  • Salli Midgely
  • Beth Morrison
  • Dr Brodie Paterson

Our Employees

  • Ben Higgins, CEO
  • Sarah Leith, RRN Director of Development
  • Alexis Quinn, RRN Manager

We are further supported by freelance associates.

The Bild Group

The Bild Group of charities - Bild, the Restraint Reduction Network (RRN) and the Bild ACT - are three independent charities with their own governance arrangements, who share a common goal. Where possible and appropriate, members of the group share resources and advice to enable the group to have a bigger impact together through evidence, expertise and experience.