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We are the world leading restraint reduction charity, and we want you to be a part of the movement. Each member of the Restraint Reduction Network takes a pledge to demonstrate their commitment to reducing restrictive practice and has a vital role to play in shaping a global, least-restrictive culture.

See our Charter for Change here.

Why should I become a member?

We recognise that reducing restrictive practices is a challenging journey for individuals, and even whole organisations, to undertake alone. We’re bringing a network of individuals and organisations together to help one another make a significant difference. Membership is completely free.

Individual members: freely access exclusive resources, an online forum and a supportive community working towards similar goals. Taking this pledge will involve watching two awareness videos and making a commitment to one action.  Find out more about becoming an individual member here.

Organisation members: access the same benefits as individual members and use the Restraint Reduction Network logo on your website to show your commitment to reducing restrictive practices and upholding human rights. You will also have the opportunity to submit an action plan highlighting your priorities for reducing restraint, which will be published on the Restraint Reduction Network website. Find out more about becoming an organisation member here. 

 Benefits of membership include:

  • Access to a network of like-minded people passionate about and working towards achieving the same goal: reducing restrictive practices across sectors
  • Access exclusive learning materials, such as webinars, podcasts and videos, created with experts in the field
  • Receive discounts on Restraint Reduction Network events and conferences
  • Gain exclusive rights to use the Restraint Reduction Network logo on your organisation’s website and your own email footer
  • Access recordings of some keynote presentations from the Restraint Reduction Network Conference
  • Access to a secure member-only platform* 
  • Gain a reputation as a person or organisation passionate about and pro-active in reducing restrictive practices and upholding human rights
  • Be part of the wider restraint reduction movement

Membership is completely free and will last for 2 years once your pledge has been accepted. Take a look at pledges that have already been made.

Important: All organisations who have already joined on a pledge must move to this new model of membership by the end of summer 2020 to retain membership status, and all members of the steering group must also become members.


*This platform will become available by summer 2020. We will keep you in the loop about when the platform will be launched!