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We are the world leading restraint reduction charity and we want you to be a part of our movement. All of our members demonstrate their commitment to reducing restrictive practice and has a vital role to play in shaping a global, least-restrictive culture.

We have launched a new model of membership to support everyone on their restraint reduction journey. Joining the network is completely free and you can join as an individual, as an organisation, or both.

We understand that reducing restrictive practices is a challenging journey for individuals and organisations to undertake alone. We want to bring everyone together to help one another make a huge difference.

See our Charter for Change here.

Why you should join us

Organisations: If you join us as an organisation, all your employees will be able to access Restraint Reduction Network conferences and events at a discounted price, giving them the opportunity to learn from sector leaders and network with their peers. You will also receive regular updates from the Restraint Reduction Network with the latest sector news, guidance, resources and materials, which you will be able to share throughout your organisation to further equip your staff. Finally, you will also gain exclusive access to the Restraint Reduction Network member logo, which you will be able to use on your organisation’s website and email footers to demonstrate your commitment to reducing restrictive practices.

Individuals: If you join us as an individual, you are demonstrating your commitment to reducing the use of restrictive practice. Even if your organisation is a member of the Restraint Reduction Network, we would encourage you to also join as an individual, as this will give you access to more benefits. As well as member discounts on events and conferences and updates, individual members can also access exclusive resources and learning materials. There is an online community of practice where you will also be able to connect with, and share ideas and practice with, others across different sectors.

Who is it for?

We want to work with everyone who supports people who are vulnerable to restrictive practices, including people with mental health conditions, learning disabilities, autistic people and people living with Dementia. This includes people with lived experience, family members, carers, academics, and professionals working across education, health, social care and forensic settings.

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Important: We have moved to a new model of membership and we are asking all individuals and organisations who previously took the pledge to sign up by the end of September 2020.