RRN welcomes new guidelines on supporting menstrual health within psychiatric inpatient settings

A report on research led by lived experience researcher, Hat Porter, and sponsored by the National Survivor User Network, details important considerations for NHS mental health trusts and private providers to improve inpatient support for people who menstruate.

This is the first guidance published on the issue of menstrual health within inpatient mental health settings. Failure to provide proper provision for menstruating people is degrading, undermines dignity and wellbeing, and exacerbates distress. This is an important consideration in settings where blanket restrictions are commonplace, often leading to punitive or short-sighted approaches within inpatient settings.

Mental health services should be rights-respecting, therapeutic and person-centred. It is essential that people’s individual needs are considered and met, including menstrual health needs. The report and new guidance can be accessed here.

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