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First of its kind! Autistic and Expecting book launched sharing the voices of more than 50 autistic parents

A new book, Autistic and Expecting, written by Restraint Reduction Network Manager and autism campaigner Alexis Quinn, aims to empower autistic parents with vital information and strategies to help parental bonding and provide advice for early parenting.

Autistic and Expecting is the first book of its kind, written specifically for autistic parents as a wonderfully positive, affirming and informative resource to help autistic people and those supporting them to thrive as they grow their families.

Everyone has the right to enjoy a family life. Like every parent, autistic people and people with learning disabilities will bring many unique, valuable and important qualities to parenting.

Alexis is an autistic mother herself, who experienced a mental health crisis after a poorly supported pregnancy and childbirth. The book voices the experiences of many autistic parents and addresses the issues they uniquely and collectively face.

The book provides a practical, insightful and solution-focused guide to empower autistic parents from pre-conception through to pregnancy, childbirth and the post- natal period. The book is sensitively illustrated and provides the information, resources and confidence autistic parents need to advocate for themselves, as well as advice and support for health and social care practitioners.

Alexis said: “Autistic and Expecting contains vital, empowering information for autistic parents to ensure they access information on their rights during pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting. I know the reality first-hand that autistic people conceive and grow their families in a society that isn’t designed for them and this can bring with it a number of challenges.

“This book offers essential strategies, which will help people learn and harness their skills, bond with their baby and feel supported emotionally. It is also essential reading for health and social care staff to understand their role in ensuring the best outcomes possible for autistic people and their babies.”

The book also comes with a ‘maternity passport’, which acts as a communication aid between autistic parents and health and social care workers.

Professor the Baroness Sheila Hollins, who sits in the House of Lords, has written the foreword to the book. She writes: “It is essential reading for autistic parents who will be hugely encouraged and inspired by Alexis’s own personal journey.

“It is also essential reading for health and social care professionals and will help them provide reasonably adjusted care to support the best possible outcomes for autistic parents and their babies.”

Autistic and Expecting is available to purchase now at:

The Maternity Passport is also available to download for free here.

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