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RRN Wednesday Webinar series

Welcome to our Wednesday Webinar series. We schedule these events every two months and our guests so far have included Restraint Reducation Network Chair Professor Joy Duxbury and Dr Gary LaVigna.

The webinars start at 12pm and last for 40 minutes, with 20 minutes allocated for attendees to ask questions. You can catch up on the ones you might have missed below, and register for the next webinar.

Upcoming webinars:

Wednesday 6 November, reducing restrictive practices in a secure service by using positive behaviour support, with Laura Higgins – Register here

Catch up on the webinars you might have missed:

Professor Joy Duxbury – Six Core Strategies of Restraint Reduction

Dr Gary LaVigna – The Elephant Sitting Behind the Elephant in the Room

Dr Brodie Paterson – Trauma informed care

Nick Horne and Iris Benson – Working alongside people with lived experience to inform restraint reduction planning

Roy Deveau – Using Data to Influence, Manage and Reduce Restrictive Practices


Geoff Brennan – An introduction to SafeWards

Dr Alick Bush and Jennifer Howard – Reduction of long-term Psychotropic use for Behaviour Management: The Bermuda experience