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Our membership is changing

We are evolving the Restraint Reduction Network pledge to reflect the proactive and action-centred approach needed across sectors to see real, tangible change happen. It will demonstrate more clearly a commitment to shaping a global, least-restrictive culture and upholding human rights across sectors. This is because each individual and organisation member will now submit actions they commit to taking over the next 2 years to reduce restrictive practices.

The original pledge was launched in June 2014, and over the last 5 years we have seen 1613 individuals and 375 organisations sign up. These are individuals and organisations who have expressed their commitment to reducing restrictive practices.

Our membership remains completely free and there are many benefits to joining. Find out more about the benefits of becoming a member here.

There are two models of membership:

Individual members: Individual members will be able to freely access exclusive resources, an online forum* and a supportive community working towards similar goals. Taking this pledge will involve watching two awareness videos and making a commitment to one action.  Find out more about becoming an individual member here.

Organisation members: Organisation members will have access the same benefits as individual members and will be able use the Restraint Reduction Network logo on their website to show commitment to reducing restrictive practices and upholding human rights. Taking this pledge will involve submitting an action plan highlighting your priorities for reducing restraint, which will be published on the Restraint Reduction Network website. Find out more about becoming an organisation member here. 

Important: All organisations who have already joined on a pledge must move to this new model of membership by the end of summer 2020 to retain membership status, and all members of the steering group must also become members.


*This platform will become available by summer 2020. We will keep you in the loop about when the platform will be launched!