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Organisation Pledge

This pledge is a great opportunity for your organisation to show its commitment to reducing unnecessary and harmful restrictive practices and upholding human rights. By taking the pledge your organisation will automatically become members of the Restraint Reduction Network with access to some great benefits. Membership is totally free- find out more about the benefits of membership here.

As part of your pledge, you will be asked to fill in an action plan based on the Six Core Strategies, review what you have done so far, and identify your top 3 priority actions to be completed in the next 2 years.

Once you have submitted your pledge, we will review it and let you know when your pledge has been approved. Upon approval, you will receive a Restraint Reduction Network member logo™ and have access to all member benefits. Furthermore, your top three priorities (only) will be published on our website (we will not share contact info). Take a look at pledges submitted so far.

Click here for the full RPI self-assessment checklist that we would recommend you work through in the next 12 months.

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